Monday, May 18, 2009

Golden Hearts (acrylic, 10”x14”)

Golden Heart

I’ve added the final touches on this painting primarily by varying the left background.  Throughout the evolution of this painting the gold hearts have remained…  thus the name. 

This wraps up the works in progress and I’ll be taking a blogging break for most of the time I’m in historic Manitou Springs, Colorado awaiting my 7th grandbaby.  I arrived on Saturday and we’ve been busy getting baby things ready and puttering around the house.  Today we attended Kalista’s “nastics” (aka gymnastics) and Thursday we’ll go to Kiera’s “renastics”.  I’m astounded that Kiera (5) is just as fearless in the gym as she was before she fractured her arm a few months ago.  A great lesson in bouncing back. 

Manitou Springs is a very artsy community with a downtown (1 block away) featuring many art galleries,interesting revolving sculpture, beautiful red rock buildings, live performances, and a the BAC – Business of Art Center.  I’ve visited a few galleries and I hope to cover a few more on this trip.  The BAC will have to wait but it certainly interests me.  If you are interested, you can read more about the Business of Art Center here

When the baby comes I’ll be posting some photos here…  meanwhile, I’m certainly enjoying the Colorado weather!  Tomorrow and Wednesday are forecast re-runs of today’s weather – mid 80’s and blue sky. 

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AnotherQ said...

Interesting to see the "work in progress" and now to see how it is now. Thanks so much for sharing this. Very enjoyable.