Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Talented Grandkids

I’m back from Ontario and officially rested up.  I’m finally getting around to posting some artwork that my grandkids did while we were there.  Thanks to their mom, the kids had something to do.  Their Grandma Q came sans crafts thanks to being sidelined by luggage concerns shortly after landing.  [Don’t kid yourself people – WestJet can lose your luggage.  Pack the necessities in your carry-on!!!].  I digress.

The kids enjoyed painting wooden chests with acrylic paint with their folks and they did a great job! [top – Hannah, bottom left to right – Vicky, Ethan, Kristian]

hannah painting crafts by mom

One overcast day they dived into the clay and came up with these masterpieces…  they certainly do not lack imagination!

pizza pizza (2)

Pizza by Vicky [6]

sea creatures hobbits

Sea Creatures and people by Kristian [8]

hannah clayHannah butterfly

Berry picker and butterfly by Hannah [10]

tied myself in wireU2 compliments of Ethan [4]

Thanks for all the entertainment kidlets!  You live way, way too far away from Grandma & Grandpa!

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AnotherQ said...

Cute and talented! Thanks for sharing. :-)