Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Altered Book Spread - Reed

reed pageI have always thought reeds and marsh grasses very beautiful.  When I decided to use “reeds” for one of Sharon’s “4 Letter Words” I didn’t give the meaning much thought at first.  But, Matthew 12:20 holds special meaning for me:  “A bruised reed He will not break”. I decided to incorporate the scripture into the spread.  I used several layers of paint, collaged the words on and partially obscured them – a symbol of their hidden meaning and parable.  Lastly, I rolled black ink onto my reed stamp and stamped it across the bottom of the second page. 

Reeds were [and continue to be] used to make a variety of things ranging from musical instruments to baskets.  Reeds are very strong unless they have been bruised.  Typically, a workman that finds a bruised reed throws it aside as useless.  I find comfort in God’s enduring patience and steadfast belief in my usefulness.  He is my hope and He will not throw me aside.  How awesome is that?

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