Friday, June 11, 2010

BallyHamage Shower cont’d [20”x30”, acrylic]

storm over leighton r2I described my steps in painting the land yesterday.  Today I tackle the sky.  BallyHamage Shower steps cont’d:

4.  I needed to consider the perspective created by the clouds.  I started with the clouds just over the mountains.  I dampened the paper just above the mountains with water and then made several tiny clouds nearest the mountains and a few slightly larger ones just above those.  I let this dry.

5.  Next I worked on the middle distance clouds which were primarily on the left in my value study.   Again, I dampened from the mountains through the middle distance area and dropped in blue/violet, both transparent and opaque, to give the clouds some body.  I also sprayed the paint and allowed it to “rain”.

6.  Finally, I wet the entire sky area and worked on the clouds nearest to me.  I used slightly warmer color to bring them forward in addition to increasing their size.  I let the clouds dip slightly towards the horizon to show their recession.  I let it “rain” again in places by spraying and angling the board while it ran.  

I will live with this painting for a few days and consider any changes.  I’m mulling over the trees in the bottom left – they need to be simplified.  Other than that I’m liking the feel of this one.  Cheers!

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