Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ballyhamage Shower p.1 [20”x30”, acrylic]

Last Saturday night I was at The Sunset Sale at the Leighton Art Centre volunteering as a “line filler”.  In addition to wandering around enjoying the art and visiting, I made myself useful filling gaps in the line made when art was sold and keeping things wiped off during the rainstorm.  We had quite a downpour but afterwards the weather was gorgeous and there were plenty of people out.  The views from the Leighton property are amazing and that night was no exception!  That evening inspired this painting.   Ballyhamage was the name of the one room schoolhouse on the LAC property when AC Leighton bought it back in 1952.  

storm over leighton b4 sky Steps:

  1. I did a value plan in my sketchbook, taking some pains to get the general shape of the mountains and foothills correct.  I also left out some of the foreground detail because it would detract from the point…  the storm. 
  2. I toned the crescent watercolor board with a thin layer of fluid acrylics in warm tones.
  3. I transferred the basic outline to the board and painted the foreground, then foothills, and mountains.  The photo [above] covers about 2/3 of the painting. 

Stay tuned…  tomorrow I’ll show the finished product. 

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