Monday, July 12, 2010

Counter Huddle [8”x10” acrylic on paper]

still lifer1

My friend Lindsey and I had a play date today and this was my effort.  I’m always challenged by the white teapot…  I think it’s fairly true to what I saw in this case.  Great practice anyway!

One of the unique aspects of painting with acrylics is their quick drying time.  It’s great once you get the paint onto the support just the way you want it…  I love that it dries fast then.  However, it has a short “open” time in which changes can be made.  Also, paint squeezed out onto the palette must be used before they dry.  That can cause a race against time and it hinders the “meditative” benefit of painting [for me].  I’m finally trying out a modified Stay-Wet palette using a flat plastic tray with a very tight seal.  I squeezed out a lot of paint today and I will work with it over the next few days/weeks.  I hope it works well for me…  I’d like to paint outside with acrylics if it does. 


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