Saturday, October 30, 2010

First ever painting in oil… SO COOL!!!

IMG_0004Thursday, my friend Lindsey asked me over to try my hand at oil painting.  Thanks to a course she is currently taking at Calgary School of Art, she’s all set up for it and bubbling over with enthusiasm…  She sat me down at an easel, squeezed out some paint, put a brush in my hand and pointed me towards the still life.  This little painting is the result.  I know there are all kinds of composition issues in this one…  but the bottom-line is that I painted, and it felt wonderful!  It’s definitely about the process for me right now. 

I loved the creamy texture of the paint.  It’s a completely different experience than acrylic and watercolor painting.  You can go back and make changes long after acrylics would have been dry.  I really enjoyed the afternoon – it was a great diversion.

Hmmm, I think oil paints are going to be a the very top of my list for Santa this year!  Ciao!

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